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  1. Sona Shah

    Sona Shah

    When will Pakistan muster the courage to atleast acknowledge the dead soldiers on your own side? Atleast give them the honor they deserve

  2. Saim Khan

    Saim Khan


    Hum apni shaheedo k naam fakhar sai lety hi chopana tho door ke bat.
    Musalaman k leay shahadat ka rothba bht barha moqam hota hi…

    #brainwashed #endians

  3. Larah Baluch

    Larah Baluch

    Sona Shah we are Muslims not like #Endians 😂😂 this time please provide your soldiers a death bags 😂😂 trust me they deserve at least a #death_bag from one hell to another hell😂😂

  4. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    what about those 3 soldiers wrapped in plastic body bag stuff? at least give them the honor they deserve

  5. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Well done Keep doing it our pak army will avenge the blood of innocent koshurs killed.

  6. Danial Hifaz

    Danial Hifaz

    Its Daily Routine CheckUp Our Weapons… I like your Style Pakistan Army … 👍👍

  7. Sona Shah

    Sona Shah

    Tumhara toh national policy hai to not reveal the number of dead soldiers in LoC. Na jaane kis baat ka darr hai

  8. Zubair Mansuri

    Zubair Mansuri

    #Sona Shah No country on Earth will disclose the number of total troops martyred cause it effects the morale….

  9. Zubair Mansuri

    Zubair Mansuri

    Why don’t you ask India to disclose its number of troops killed….. The answer is they would not cause they would not want their enemy to take advantage of it…..

  10. Sona Shah

    Sona Shah

    Are you crazy? Every country reveals the details of the martyred soldiers. If not the govt, then the media would do it. In India alone, there are over 300 news channels with national and regional channels included. Do you think they will skip such an important news if given? No country ever has a policy to hide or keep number of dead soldiers hidden. Pak just says at the end of the year that they lost 600 personnel at the end of the year. What about giving honorable funerals to the 70% other soldiers who died of the country? Do they not deserve it? Or is it just to keep those online trolls happy and make them believe that only Pak army is hitting the enemy with no damage being caused to them?

  11. Sona Shah

    Sona Shah

    We know which pic you use for your propaganda purposes and we dont blame u for your media keeping you blind towards facts. Pakis anyway do not have the habit to read full news.
    Anyway, hope your dead soldiers atleast get an acknowledgment or atleast some kind of stone with their names carved in for people to pay respects later.

  12. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    how do you know so much about Pakistan?? you are just saying such stuff because your media always lies to you ! we know who dies and who lives and we have more respect for them we know how tej bahadur was treated and at last we donot burn our “shaheeds”.

  13. Muhammad Usman

    Muhammad Usman

    Bhai new weapons test kar rahy thy India par 😂😂

  14. Shahid Arshad

    Shahid Arshad

    اس اخبار والے کو خبر لگانی نہ آئ۔۔۔یا یہ بھارتی ایجنٹ ہے؟

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