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  1. Qaisar Waqar

    Qaisar Waqar

    China and Pakistan are planning invasion of Indian Kashmir ..

  2. Waleed Khan

    Waleed Khan

    Indian balloon deflated 😂

  3. Mihir Khula

    Mihir Khula

    Where are all the smelly randians 😂 😂 😂 😂 bhenchod kanjer ran away like his troops did in Doklam. Ro Randia Ro

  4. Ziaullah KhAn

    Ziaullah KhAn

    👂 You🔥 don’t👮 need🌻 a💓 reason😏 to💃 help🎵 people.

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  5. Aown Shah

    Aown Shah

    No fear if your Krishna bugwan ptrotact .then Pakistani people beleave one God and Muhammad S.A .this statement give a lair animals. If you have confidence our force you attack then you teach a

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