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  1. Mihir Khula

    Mihir Khula

    Make in Randia 😂 😂 😂 😂
    Can’t even make toilets and they think they are a superpower.

  2. HaSsan BanGash

    HaSsan BanGash

    Lol they may blame ISI for this too 😂

  3. Umar Khalid

    Umar Khalid

    Now these toiletless cockroaches will blame their centre government for having ISI agents in their rows 😂

  4. Umar Khalid

    Umar Khalid

    Is it reported after or before the failure of M-777 howitzers in Pokhran region? 😂 M-777 howitzers are considered to be the most sophisticated American made howitzers which were delivered to India after 30 long years – during it’s trial one of the gun’s barrel got completely destroyed and failed the trials 😂 Surely, America is considering India as it’s dumping ground 😂

  5. Huzaifa Shiekh

    Huzaifa Shiekh

    Made in India or banao make in India…..

  6. Anand Singh

    Anand Singh

    Fail wo hote hai jo kuch karna chahte hai
    Terrerist spotted

  7. Anand Singh

    Anand Singh

    We try we fail we fail again , again we fail at last we toch success like ISRO

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