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  1. Syed Mohsin Ali

    Syed Mohsin Ali

    They literally shit themselves when it comes to Pakistan
    They see threat in everything!



    Did anyone find the Last Key for this Idiot???_ Heelllll No ooo

  3. Umar Khalid

    Umar Khalid

    Lol these coward cockroaches should come up with a better excuse. Their media even accused Pakistani connection with the dilemma of Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s girlfriend 😂

  4. Umar Khalid

    Umar Khalid

    The 4ft tall so called James bond of India who allegedly claims that he lived in Pakistan under a disguise of a spy is talking about Pakistan’s attempt to do so. 😂 oh the irony!

  5. Daud Jan Afridi

    Daud Jan Afridi

    This is what India did in Afghan refugees with us 👎👎

  6. Mihir Khula

    Mihir Khula

    What a bunch of absolute retards.

    Next he’ll be blaming Pakistani’s for him being born.

  7. Umar Khalid

    Umar Khalid

    Ajit Kumar doval – given the circumstances and the vulnerability of India on ethnic lines – Pakistan doesn’t need Rohingya refugees to hurt India – Pakistan has more than two dozen ways and capability to do twice a better job to what you can ever comprehend – It’s you who needs “Pakistan cards” to silence your opposition, soothe the bhakts and to secure your vote bank.

  8. Mahmood Rajah

    Mahmood Rajah

    Wow this is what we call humanity wow

  9. Qasim Aslam

    Qasim Aslam

    What he is doing through afghan refugees, he is worried Pakistan will do the same.
    This guy is one of the worst human beings on earth, as he funds ISIS and alqaeda, and now will send them to Myanmar to pave way for TRIO’s evil plans.

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