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  1. Shahid Arshad

    Shahid Arshad

    بھئ بھارت نے اغوا کیا ہے کرنل کو اب وہ کیسے بتائے۔۔
    کلبھوشن کے بدلے میں انہوں نے یہ حرکت کی ہے۔۔۔۔

  2. Raheem Khan

    Raheem Khan

    india waly achy kaam krty kb hy glyy ko atee hy en ke

  3. Oscar - PDF

    Oscar - PDF

    @defencepk That is because they took him&realized he was pretty useless as an intel source so he c…

  4. Mir Toofan Akhund

    Mir Toofan Akhund

    @defencepk What max @TOIIndiaNews can Hindu do with RAW kidnapped Habib? Kill him? Is that all? Ku…

  5. kuldeepanand


    @defencepk who Colonel Habib 😉

  6. Rashid Ali

    Rashid Ali

    HAFIZ saeed can deal india only.

  7. Ballo Kay

    Ballo Kay

    We ll not share info about indian Army Col Abducted From Afghanistan too :p :p

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