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  1. Hamza Ijaz

    Hamza Ijaz

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  2. Sheila Zulfiqar Ahmed

    Sheila Zulfiqar Ahmed

    Why can’t any two national leaders with divergent views on a subject and having stake in it have a dialogue ..a public dialogue over what can be the best strategy on that issue.Let us have a public debate between Imran Khan and Maulana FazlurRahman on the merger of FATA with KP issue and what are the pros and cons for Pakistan’s over all strategic situation currently. I like it that even while being at odds with the Taliban in Afghanistan the Kabul Regime is loathe of terming them as terrorists as in their view it could hinder the process of nation building in Afghanistan .Why don’t we straight away ask the tribal leaders who have objected to the merger why they don’t want it and if we find their arguments going against the national interests of Pakistan we should try to make them understand and take them into confidence

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