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  1. Ayan Mirza

    Ayan Mirza

    Viva pakistan, gracias a inteligencia y ejericto pakistani, ya es libre la familia que ni la C.I.A pudo recatar la.

  2. Viswa Prasad Yadav

    Viswa Prasad Yadav


    Recent global terrorism attitude describes that, Pakistan entertain with MILITENTS life, who was suffering without money ( to life surveillance). Pakistan government (I S I) gathered poor people and giving terror training and introduced to terrorism side especially attack to India’s j&k state.

    Pakistan also very poor Country then other Contries and depend on USA and CHINA assistance.

    Pakistan nourishing terrorist Organisations in Peshavar and spent more money to terrorism and that money received from USA and CHINA.

    Pakistan media working for terrorists and spent with more time, Now confirmed Pakistan terrorism is in front of World Community so INDIA no need to give respect to Pakistan in all issues and need to bring back ‘pok’ to INDIA.

    ‘Pok’ and ‘ Aksai-chin’ is integral part of INDIA that’s why Pakistan and China making terrorism on INDIA.

    National Confernce Political Party Omar Abdullah and Farook Abdulla and Hurriet Conference is a Pakistan terrorist branches in INDIA so need to close down these parties in our j&k state.

    In my verdict since 22 days INDIA having more chances to bring back ‘pok’ to INDIA but satisfied only with surgical strikes and pulverising Pakistan bunkers, why this was happen it is million dollars question ?.

    I request to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Garu that, please look after ‘pok’ in j&k state issue and protect democracy from Pakistan terrorism. And need to delete Article 370 from our Constitution for giving good governance in j&k state …..Jai Hind


  3. Mohammad Ahsan

    Mohammad Ahsan

    You need to regrow to learn all this kid! Please avoid it and plan how will u poop when there’ll be another nature’s call. And just for your kind info. brain is needed even if you are just copying and pasting something.

  4. Tanveer Rather

    Tanveer Rather

    Yeh sb se BADA xaleel nikla…. US angraiz ma’am NE is k DEMAG ko kharab kiya hai… IS ko udadalo

  5. Viswa Prasad Yadav

    Viswa Prasad Yadav

    Mohammad Ahsan Garu, shortly Pakistan will merge in INDIA

  6. Amir Aziz

    Amir Aziz

    Wow, Imran Niazi has become the court and judge and executioner all in one all of a sudden! What a goof!

  7. Shahid Arshad

    Shahid Arshad

    Once he claimed same for Altar Hussain. ..if some one remembers….but millions of u turns in this galaxy. ..

  8. Shahid Arshad

    Shahid Arshad

    Ray aatankwad k jannay tum ko Kia. …tum bass gao mootar aur gao goubar say mouj mastay karro… aur open air toilet enjoy kro….saala kahin ka…katt ta hay…bap ka patta nhin aur bhounkta hay…

  9. Emaam Ali-an

    Emaam Ali-an

    If he courted with Jemima

  10. Muhammad Aamir Haq

    Muhammad Aamir Haq

    Do you really have liberty of the type, IN YOUR CAST

  11. Qaiser Khan

    Qaiser Khan

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