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  1. Usama Khan

    Usama Khan

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  2. Kumar Gaurav

    Kumar Gaurav

    Pakistan should accept LOC as india pak border.

  3. Zeeshan Abdullah

    Zeeshan Abdullah

    Then u have a major problem Karzai lol

  4. Zeeshan Abdullah

    Zeeshan Abdullah

    LOC will be redrawn beyond Khalistan in close future.

  5. Younas Talha

    Younas Talha

    Wold Accept this as international Border except Some Afghan and Endian Idiots .

  6. Haider Asad

    Haider Asad

    Than go to the roof top n jump ,, one idiot dead is one idiot less

  7. Babar Khan

    Babar Khan

    You should kiss my A** 😀🙊

  8. Shahid Hussain

    Shahid Hussain

    Take bath. You are underattack of germs.

  9. Saba Qaiser

    Saba Qaiser

    Tujh sy pocha kis ny hai😏

  10. Hamid Abdulhakim

    Hamid Abdulhakim

    Kabul kr bazaar mein
    Karza mila rey

    Karza mila karza mila
    Karzaa mila haye haye haye

  11. Ali Malik

    Ali Malik

    Hahaha… hamari fooj k pas aesa kch ha k dekhty he ap man jaey gy 😂😂😋

  12. Eleni Duplessis

    Eleni Duplessis

    Isnt’it a fais accompli?

  13. Abdul Majeed

    Abdul Majeed

    تیری ضمانت کی ضرورت بھی نہیں ہے ہم خود اس کی حفاظت کرنے والے ہیں

  14. Qaisar Waqar

    Qaisar Waqar

    who is he.. he is history now

  15. Abdullah Naeem

    Abdullah Naeem

    And we dont shit about your thoughts so fuck yourself

  16. Israr Qazi

    Israr Qazi

    We don’t care what your stupid brain thinking Karzio

  17. Asif Chaudhary

    Asif Chaudhary

    That does not matter.Namak Haram

  18. Ayan Aani

    Ayan Aani

    Chal dafa ho namak harami

  19. Arman Khan Shinwari

    Arman Khan Shinwari

    It’s true kpk and balochistan is part of Afghanistan and Pakistan is made by British and Punjab belongs to India and we don’t accept to dunrn line

  20. Rana Nasir Khan

    Rana Nasir Khan

    Minafiq, dog 🐕 of india

  21. Rana Nasir Khan

    Rana Nasir Khan

    You all dirty mind cancer of the world, Pakistan 🇵🇰 should eliminate, all begart afghan from pak land, they all nimik haram

  22. Mohammad Hassan QẳZî

    Mohammad Hassan QẳZî

    haha then dont accept any country in the world 😀 qatar, saudi arabia, india, pakistan, UAE, afgaynistan etc

  23. Dawood Saeed

    Dawood Saeed are so called Puktoon….

  24. Mohammed Shoaib

    Mohammed Shoaib

    stupid Dreaming… Its Ridiculous

  25. Millat Yaar

    Millat Yaar

    I feel ashamed when i see my afghani pashtoon brothers talking such stupid shit… stop licking India’s ass..pak army💓💓

  26. Amir Nazir

    Amir Nazir

    Pakistan doesn’t accept Durand line as border either. In fact Pakistani border extends deep into Afghanistan!

  27. Mehran Al Baloushi

    Mehran Al Baloushi

    Shiraj Durrani
    Yazdan Durrani
    Junaid Shafi
    Farman Khan

  28. Junaid Shafi

    Junaid Shafi

    These r bastards Afghanistan is a pet of America

  29. Ishtiyaq Mir

    Ishtiyaq Mir

    karzai you are not able to control the parts of your country you possess you are dreaming another part which is impossible for all time to come

  30. M-d Hassan

    M-d Hassan

    Somebody ask him who the hell are you?

  31. Akeel Ahmed

    Akeel Ahmed

    Shame on you Pakistan can’t leave the border open for killers who cross over from afghanstan and killing innocent peoples of Pakistani nation our beloved heroes who are doing their best on the border will do know better how to deal anyone who cross with out permission of Pakistani government and agencies god bless Pakistani army and nation of Pakistan

  32. Shah Wazir

    Shah Wazir

    It’s true it’s part of history

  33. Shah Wazir

    Shah Wazir

    He is the owner of the pointed land Mr panjabi

  34. Shah Wazir

    Shah Wazir

    We waziristani are part of Afghanistan pls u have to know the history

  35. Shah Wazir

    Shah Wazir

    He is kandhari be care full ur ass will be called bolan tunnel hahahahahaaa

  36. Anjum Sabih

    Anjum Sabih

    rename this as Pakistan line. then he will accept this although many Pashtun areas in Afghanistan belong to Pakistan but we should not keep quite.

  37. Ikramullah Khan

    Ikramullah Khan

    Well who asked for your recognition

  38. Usman Rasool

    Usman Rasool

    Hahaha lgta india se paycheck late poncha

  39. Mohammad Ahsan

    Mohammad Ahsan

    No can undo Pakistan …. InshaAllah

  40. Saba Qaiser

    Saba Qaiser

    Oh really!
    So …around 500 BCE …Afghanistan was under the Achaemenid Empire(persian empire). Afghanistan itself created in 1709…so mery bhai ….chill…history ap ko kahi or ly jaye gi…jaha paida huye hu woh tumhari history hai

  41. Shaban Malik

    Shaban Malik

    Who gives a flying fuck what Karzai accepts or doesn’t accept.

  42. Shaban Malik

    Shaban Malik

    Go fuck urself unless ur londa lover does that for u

  43. Saim Khan

    Saim Khan

    #shinwari is right!!!

    We PAKISTANI PUKHTOON don’t accept durand line
    We PUKHTOON want Afghanistan’s PUKHTOON belt to be merged with #kpk…

    Nd want to make the leftover Afghanistan as or 6th province.
    Inorder to make #greater #PAKISTAN.

    lng liv #greater #PAKISTAN😍😍😍

  44. Shahid Arshad

    Shahid Arshad

    Well what is your authenticity? Were you a king or emperor of Afghanistan and Pakistan snatched your territory?

  45. Saif Hussain

    Saif Hussain

    Hahahahah ok But we build Durand line in our side not your’s you idiot

  46. HaShim Tariq

    HaShim Tariq

    Brother seriously you can’t even control half of your Afghanistan, and you’re shamelessly claiming kpk and Balochistan to be the part of Afghanistan….

  47. Sahir Khan

    Sahir Khan

    Yes Hamid karzai is true

  48. Shuja Rizwan

    Shuja Rizwan

    Go to hell then.
    Once a lot of Afghanistan was a part of Persia, so may be you first hand over your Afghanistan back to Persia.

    What is the difference between this Afghan mentality and that of Israel?
    Israel also says that 2000 years ago Palestine was our land so it is still ours.

    Afgaandu ke Indian gaand chaatne ke baad sapne.

  49. Moeen Khan

    Moeen Khan

    who the HELL is he…. a worthless person with no moral and no loyality values

  50. Roman Riamroi Inpui Naga

    Roman Riamroi Inpui Naga

    Kill the Mr boy Allah… Hey u Allah..
    Jesus Christ the Lord

  51. Mansoor Ali

    Mansoor Ali

    Yep borders are temporary but as a pashtoon I will prefer the border for the security of our people.

  52. Khan Sardar Muhamamd Ejaz

    Khan Sardar Muhamamd Ejaz

    Ur brother ahmad wali Karzai was a key player in Afghanistan’s illegal opium trade and CIA paid agent ;):)
    He was a modern warlord(killed by own guard) and
    Mahmood Karzai main part of kabul bank scandal 1million disappear from bank (killed by own guard)
    Qayum Karzai most corrupt businessman of Afghanistan destroy many businessman
    Look what u and ur family give to Afghanistan…
    U and ur wife spend ur life in Pakistan and now like a basterd barking on Pakistan.. shave ur head with cow urine and enjoy

  53. Vikash Joshi

    Vikash Joshi

    don’t worry afgan brother we will undo porkistan…. porkies are beggers 😇😇😇😇

  54. Vikash Joshi

    Vikash Joshi

    your forefathers… jisne tujhe islam me convert kiya tha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Najeem Sheraz

    Najeem Sheraz

    Your father will also accept it.

  56. Rehmat Mohmand

    Rehmat Mohmand

    Lol aGha Pakistan k d km kheratyan d aga obas pela bya khabre kawa sta da qoom afghanana dlra pakistan card psi eman kharsae ao ta khbare da Durand ka bambo

  57. Adnan Ahmed

    Adnan Ahmed

    Fucking afghani nobody can stop pakistan. Fuck Vikash Joshi and Hindu most fucking nation in this world shut your fucking ass..

  58. Kashif Khan

    Kashif Khan

    Vikash Joshi dont worry, every rundian pig which u’ll send to pakistan to destabilize Pak will be caught n hanged like your kalbushan. Remember there is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan. We r united n ready to stop every conspiracy of our enemies.

  59. Mubashir Jamel

    Mubashir Jamel

    Your acceptance doesn’t matter 🙂 u will keep dying until u make peace with us 😉

  60. Mubashir Jamel

    Mubashir Jamel

    Your acceptance doesn’t matter 🙂 u will keep dying until u make peace with us 😉

  61. Tauheed Khan

    Tauheed Khan

    And who by the way is asking for your admittance?

  62. Junaid Maaz Khan

    Junaid Maaz Khan

    baby it was part of afgh but in 1894 british-afgh were happened then they said treaty in1998 at that afghan ameer was abdulrehman so that present land k.p and balochistan become an umbrella of british empire

  63. Muhammad Usman

    Muhammad Usman

    Tera Baap ka Ha KPk 😂😂
    milu Bachi Lako Dalla Lako Sta Pa Moor Kpk Ki Kus Warki Begirat lako
    #AchaSorry 😂😂😂

  64. Ali Malik

    Ali Malik

    Arman bhai@
    Punjab india ka aur kpk afghanistan ka.
    Hamara to kch ha he nhi shyd.
    Acha ye btaein k nuclear bomb b india ko by hand dein ya india ki traf fire ker dein 😂😂😂

  65. Muhammad Usman

    Muhammad Usman

    Shah Wazir the Go To Fucking Afganistan Leave Our Kpk
    Kinzerr Bachy lako 😂😂

  66. Muhammad Usman

    Muhammad Usman

    Vikash Joshi Dek Tu Apna Kaam Se Kaam Rak Endian
    maa Na chudwa Yaha Banchod ka Bachy harmi ki Olad
    #Rapistan #gayhimd ✌🏻️
    Peace 😂😂

  67. Hammad Hassan YusufXai

    Hammad Hassan YusufXai

    Who The Fuck Are You That You Dont Consider Durend Line As International Boarder

  68. Muhammad Usman

    Muhammad Usman

    The Go To Afganistan leave Pakistan ✌🏻️

  69. Qasim Asif

    Qasim Asif

    Nobody gives a shit what fake profiles like you think. We pushtuns want pushtun areas of afghanistan to integrate with Pakistan too. Kpk was is and will remain part of republic of pakistan and we will decimate all those who even dare to think otherwise. Moorkwas

  70. Arman Khan Shinwari

    Arman Khan Shinwari

    Pakistan made by British and it was agreement with British after 100 kpk and baloch will be part of Afghanistan but now Afghanistan is weak and Pakistan is strong and Pakistan is also support to terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan is illegal land of British and we pukhtoon never accept it

  71. Syed Naveed Ahmed

    Syed Naveed Ahmed

    Bap or Mulk kabhi badley nahin jatey or is champu ney apna mulk Norway likha hua hey jab k namak Haram Afghani hey 😂

  72. Talha Ahmed Moin

    Talha Ahmed Moin

    Yeah man Durand line is shit ! Kandahar to Kabul is all Pakistani area !

  73. Agha Hussain

    Agha Hussain

    As if Afghans of old didn’t smash Hindu temples and massacre them kek Afgandus and lundians acting like BFF’s XD

  74. Agha Hussain

    Agha Hussain

    Pashtuns in Pakistan consider the word Afghani as an insult

  75. Mohammad Javaid

    Mohammad Javaid

    Who cares .
    Stupid afghan people insha Allah those are and always will be the parts of Pakistan for centuries .

  76. Arman Khan Shinwari

    Arman Khan Shinwari

    You Punjabi all belongs of India because your grandfather was ranjit Singh and check your history😜😜😜💪💪💪💪

  77. Fawad Ahmad Kakar

    Fawad Ahmad Kakar

    No Afghan and Pashtoon should ever accept Durand line.

  78. Usman Waqar

    Usman Waqar

    We dont care 😂😂😂

  79. Shiraj Durrani

    Shiraj Durrani

    Afghan goat to president donot recognize Durand line.the Line I intact due to Punjabi bourgeois

  80. Sattar Nasir

    Sattar Nasir

    They’re all stones of America and they all puppets of mr. A…
    In sub ka rishty dar India ha.

  81. John Harris

    John Harris

    The Durand line needs to be moved further East right upto Attock. All those areas culturally and historically are Afghan Lands.

  82. John Harris

    John Harris

    Calm down Ikramullah Khan .. even Pakistan will cease to be recognised soon.

  83. Muhammad Numan

    Muhammad Numan

    who the hell are you ……we don’t care you will accept or not durand line is our first prority we will not accept you bledy afganies to send those rascels terorist to our beloved pakistan we will defend our mother land

  84. Hassan Ali Karamally

    Hassan Ali Karamally

    Kutton ko Mar dena tha
    Khana OR panah dena galati thi
    Ab in sab ko mar kar nikalo

  85. Khurram Hafeez

    Khurram Hafeez

    A man living in mahajar camp in Quetta talking about boarder..namak Haram

  86. Wasim Pervez

    Wasim Pervez

    Its a physical line Mr karzai, Two countries are bound in releation of Islamic brotherhood,👬👬☺☺

  87. Davud Shaheen

    Davud Shaheen

    We just want the land, you can keep the stupid and ghadar gulkhanan!

  88. Dr. AAMIR KHAN


    Hamid who cares what you accept! This is going to sting, but beggars can’t be choosers.

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