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  1. ?KILL DIL?

    ?KILL DIL?

    Bas ek izaat he kamiye hy kabhi bheekh America se kabhi China se mangvai hy ?

  2. Umar Khalid

    Umar Khalid

    That i agree with it. Whatever him or his sponsors have as an agenda against Pakistan – one thing is for sure, Our leaders and some elements of establishment have dirty hands.

  3. Zayn Khan

    Zayn Khan

    It’s true our political and security forces sold us just on dollars on policy of kill some and earn dollars

  4. Atiq Rehman

    Atiq Rehman

    LOL. Dear Raymond Davis don’t try to put dusts in the eyes of the world and Pakistanis. Not all people are stupid and can be fooled by CIA trained liar….

  5. Muhammad Safwan Inayat

    Muhammad Safwan Inayat

    Liars and honest do exist in every society, nevertheless it is the honesty and truth which will come out victorious. Yeah, you should be thankful to their lies…:-)

  6. Robert Umar

    Robert Umar

    Jesy logg wesy hukumran.. do not forget this.

  7. Masrur Khan

    Masrur Khan

    And what about US machinery all were involved in bribe

  8. Shahid Hussain

    Shahid Hussain

    How could you expect from killer that he will speak truth.

  9. Hammad Khan

    Hammad Khan

    We know our political leaders are liars but we also know that u are not an angel…?

  10. Ashfaq Ahmed

    Ashfaq Ahmed

    He is right .culprits should be axed

  11. Muhammad Asad

    Muhammad Asad

    Check the word “political leaders”

  12. Syed Adeel Akhtar Shah

    Syed Adeel Akhtar Shah

    GotoHell bloody Fool.Jaan chor de humari.

  13. Umar Khalid

    Umar Khalid

    Robert Umar Agreed. We have lost our morals and ethics. An illiterate poor who’s willing to sell his vote for a plate of biryani as directed by his village wadera is what we need to worry about. Sad times to live by indeed

  14. Robert Umar

    Robert Umar

    Leave everything.. see the oil tanker scene 200+ deaths but still people going for mufta .. their life is so cheap ??

  15. Syed Farooq Shah

    Syed Farooq Shah

    U were great ,,,and true……

  16. Umar Khalid

    Umar Khalid

    Robert Umar Hm indeed. Jb qomain apni buniyadon ko ukhad k khud e phaink deyn to phr uska Khuda e hafiz hota hai. Allahpak humaray mulk pe reham aur humain muaf farmaye. Amen

  17. Mushtaq Ahmad

    Mushtaq Ahmad

    so sad zardari so sad per be hum idiot ho k ap ko agli bar vote dingy… ghaddare sab allah ap ko tabah wu barbad kr de ameen

  18. Touseef Khan

    Touseef Khan

    Agree with you ?. S begherat or bewakof qum ko kon samjaye abh?

  19. Amir Aziz

    Amir Aziz

    Do not know if they are liars or not, This goon Raymond Davis for sure is a liar and was in Pakistan under false pretense and is a double agent of CIA and Blackwater! He was spreading violence in the country and caught red handed trying to finance terror and we still look at only one side when we talk about terror in Pakistan, we should and must know that it is CIA, MOSAD, RAW and NDS all in bed and funding and supporting terror in Pakistan to further their individual agendas in the country and region!

  20. Iftekhar Hussain Khan

    Iftekhar Hussain Khan

    I fully agree with him. Whatever is,as an agenda against Pakistan,that is enemical but otherwise;
    – one thing is for sure, Our leaders and most of those elements of establishment at the helm of affairs have been always not less than traitors with dirty faces all along.

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