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  1. Hassan Sial

    Hassan Sial

    many to phly bola tha army k agaist yaki ki hy sari

  2. Nouman Kakakhel

    Nouman Kakakhel

    hahahaha India did it. Shameless and Bebhairat Malik who instead of asking for finding black sheeps among our civilian and military leadership start to malign india for everything. The guy came and killed three innocent citizens directly and two indirectly (one in the womb of the mother) and went away free with all help from the government and our admin Claim RAW did it.

  3. Arush Chowdhary

    Arush Chowdhary

    How easy to blame India for everything …just pass d buck …with no proof ..all fairytale conspiracy theories

  4. Hakeem Iftikar Ahmad

    Hakeem Iftikar Ahmad

    These books are not written but subscribed by agencies.

  5. Emraan Ali

    Emraan Ali

    we strongly believe in our supreme agency but don’t believe u, the escaping law must had been guided by then looting govt. PPP.

  6. Ijaz Ahmad Gondal

    Ijaz Ahmad Gondal

    To be very honest, it is us who preferred dollars over dignity.

  7. Nadeem Yousaf

    Nadeem Yousaf

    Whatever, Pakistan army says, people believe on the narration.

  8. Murtaza Simair

    Murtaza Simair

    Why was pak army helping raw agent in escaping from court???????????

  9. Masrur Khan

    Masrur Khan

    These madarchod “hindutva brahman hindu bhakt Indian” have always flopped Bollywood story?

  10. Møhämmàd Tâlãl Qûrèshî

    Møhämmàd Tâlãl Qûrèshî

    Tum Indians Pakistani pages pr apni ma bhen denay Q aatay ho??

  11. Mohammad Adil Khan

    Mohammad Adil Khan

    yar bus kardo Raymond Davis aur RAW ke kehnay pe kare ga jo khud CIA ke agent hai

  12. Atiq Rehman

    Atiq Rehman

    Now again Rehman Malik is trying to fool Pak by buttering Pak and Army. Nation and Pak Army ISI already know it. PPP should not play double game and shed crocodile tears…..

    Forces janti hain k Raymond Davis dramay k peechay kon kon sai anasir shamil hain

    Hoshyar hoshyar hoshyar khabardar….. Rehman Malik TopiDrama hai….. Kapooray khata hai aour bolta hai k kaila kha raha hoon……

  13. Atiq Rehman

    Atiq Rehman

    Rightly said bro. Zardari Gang media aour awam k saamnay pro Pakistani hai laikin peechay anti Pakistan hai…… Eent sai eent Bajadaingay…… Yaad hai???

  14. Shahab Shah

    Shahab Shah

    So what if they wrote a book against IsI… Cia And Raw Better Know Pak Army… Kulbushan yadav And Haqqani network Are Enough Are Paradigm…

  15. Nadeem Raza

    Nadeem Raza

    Sb such hai, hazem nei ho raha Army se

  16. Avizit Ahallya Rava

    Avizit Ahallya Rava

    Lolliwood dekho or khush raho.. Jo ki kahi pe v nahi chalta… If u ban bollywood i bet u ur cinema hall fraternity will vanish just like dust in wind..

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