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  1. Usman Ali Shah

    Usman Ali Shah

    Hindustan times are also fake page

  2. srinidhi hebbar

    srinidhi hebbar

    But Pakistan got 1 vote😂😂

  3. Imtiyaz Bhat

    Imtiyaz Bhat

    These are psychopathic no surprise.

  4. Taha Mughal

    Taha Mughal

    Indian media is fake as hell
    I never trusted their shity
    news media.
    Fake Indian media

  5. rahul pahurkar

    rahul pahurkar

    Don’t do brainless journalism

  6. Rizwan Sajjad

    Rizwan Sajjad

    Endins has Piggy nose barking media

  7. Ajay Bhandari

    Ajay Bhandari

    haan bhai tum logo k yha sab sahi hota hai….koi corrupted nhi hai…koi fake nhi hai…………tum issi mai kush rho yaar bas…lol

  8. Ikramullah Khan

    Ikramullah Khan

    They are all bloody liars

  9. Kamal Saini

    Kamal Saini

    @defencepk May be because @htTweets is a presstitute.

  10. Saad Ali

    Saad Ali

    Kabhi time nikaal ke apne gireban me bhii jhaank lena, tum bhii koii ganga nahaye huwey nahin ho. Baat karo to mun se mootney pe utar aatey ho.

  11. Farooq Idrees

    Farooq Idrees

    Shame on Indian media. Always making fool their own people through fake news. They are badly obsessed with Pakistan.

  12. Farooq Ali Khan

    Farooq Ali Khan

    Foolish and futile deception leads the endian buggers funnily in a self-embarrassing state 😜😎..every single time

  13. Zahid Sethi

    Zahid Sethi

    This is called wishful thinking, day dreaming beyond normal . Attention pls, international Psychiatric council 🙂

  14. Mohammad Usama

    Mohammad Usama

    Indian ka or kam he kia hai jhoot bolnu k ilawa 😂

  15. Haider.


    Better call #BollywoodNews They are the best in spreading fake news. @BOLNETWORK @BOLNewsOfficial @AamirLiaquat

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