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  1. Hamidulhamid Hamid

    Hamidulhamid Hamid

    AFGHANISTAN WALO AWR IRAN MYMAr walo ko b karado

  2. Zubair Jamali

    Zubair Jamali

    But why they have their own country?

  3. Shadman Sharar Shohan

    Shadman Sharar Shohan

    Muhammad Malhan Khan Muhammad Ali Noman Zuberi

  4. Naveed Malik

    Naveed Malik

    Beware from them because they are also like as Afghan dog

  5. Alisha Sheikh

    Alisha Sheikh

    No need for that
    Kick out all of the terroristd

  6. Ans Mughal

    Ans Mughal

    Why your government is hanging peoples with age of 70s who support Pakistan

  7. Syed Mohsin Ali

    Syed Mohsin Ali

    There should be a good reason for that!
    Otherwise we don’t want another layer of afghan people

  8. Max Raja

    Max Raja

    do not be angry ma’am.
    They are good at trolling and cheating.

  9. Malik Umar Salim

    Malik Umar Salim

    Sir Bengali’s r prejudice about Pakistanis

  10. Amjad Ali Khan

    Amjad Ali Khan

    Thses are those peoples who left bangladesh just bcz of Pakistan, they love Pakistan should be given their rights

  11. Waqas Khan Qazi

    Waqas Khan Qazi

    Well done govt, Pakistan ka dil bohoot bara hai..

  12. Hafiz Muhammad Altaf

    Hafiz Muhammad Altaf

    This should have been done ✅ long ago

  13. Mub Esher

    Mub Esher

    Now enemy can attack us from dhaka as well another false policy is on the way to destroy our next-generation dont know what hell is going on there is already huge unity concerns were there in pakistan..

  14. Farooq Bhat

    Farooq Bhat

    It’s great step and transition to modern civilisation

  15. Waseem Tariq

    Waseem Tariq

    We should give shelters to those displaced Muslims first who are in war zones, whether in Burma, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, or elsewhere.

    Bangladesh is a independent country and is capable to take care of its citizens, so it’s better if they stay at their native home because true love for motherland is irreplaceable and unforgettable.

  16. Muhammad Umer

    Muhammad Umer

    Great Decision by Great Nation

  17. Ahmad Burhan

    Ahmad Burhan

    Some bengalis got executed and some are still in jails because of their love for Pakistan. ..these bengalis are the people who left bengal and came to Pakistan because of their love towards Pakistan. ..must be given citizenship.

  18. Adnan Jaami

    Adnan Jaami

    Good decision but bangali govt ko bi wahan mojood pakistani ko nationality deni chahy …

  19. Abdul Khaliq Kamboh

    Abdul Khaliq Kamboh

    These are those Bengali’s those who never accept the creation of Bangladesh who are true Pakistanis 🇵🇰 they deserve this weldone Pak 🇵🇰 government 🇵🇰💚🇵🇰✌️

  20. Shadman Sharar Shohan

    Shadman Sharar Shohan

    As A Bangladeshi,I Highly Appreciate It.Those Bengalis Chose Pakistan Over BD.They Wanted To Live There.So,Pak. Govt. Should Endorse Them.They r More Loyal Than Afghans.I Do Say.

  21. Mohammad Ismail Bin Ibrahim

    Mohammad Ismail Bin Ibrahim

    they claim these people have killed and raped thousand people in 1971

  22. Pareeshay Noor

    Pareeshay Noor

    Send them back and bring those biharis who are still living in Bangladesh miserable life in camps just for their love for Pakistan 😡

  23. Faaiz Rajput

    Faaiz Rajput

    Good step
    They deserve more

  24. Mohammad Alom

    Mohammad Alom

    Im a Bangladeshi ! I agreed with you !

  25. Mohammad Shahriar Hossain

    Mohammad Shahriar Hossain

    Most of the Pakistani goes angry after that decision.. i watched some comment of this post.

  26. Naveed Malik

    Naveed Malik

    Mohammad Alom why are you agree with me?

  27. Muzahid Parvez

    Muzahid Parvez

    Pakistan can be the universal safe Country for all innocence Muslims

  28. Aysha Khan

    Aysha Khan

    good after all we are muslim…one nation

  29. Faizan Ali

    Faizan Ali

    But should be banned to make any political party.

  30. Zack Shah

    Zack Shah

    Pakistan can only redeem when you ‘ll bring back 300000 Biharis who are still languishing in Bangladeshi camps even after 45 years. They chose to be with Pakistan. This country will continue to suffer bcoz of such injustices.

  31. Mohammad Onnaib

    Mohammad Onnaib

    Yup because they already experienced refugees in the form of Afghanis..

  32. Laulak Siddique

    Laulak Siddique

    Also give citizenship to Afghans who saved Pakistan from the Soviet Union

  33. Adil Muhammad

    Adil Muhammad

    bullshit design Ahmad Ijaz

  34. Adil Muhammad

    Adil Muhammad

    provide first better jobs for own Nations then legalize others bullshit

  35. Muhammad Haseeb Hassan Shah

    Muhammad Haseeb Hassan Shah

    Indeed a good move.. Our brothers are our pride

  36. Muhammad Haseeb Hassan Shah

    Muhammad Haseeb Hassan Shah

    What aboutkeeping these bangalis and bringing biharis back as well??

  37. Umair Yaseen Janjua

    Umair Yaseen Janjua

    Bad idea. Go back bangalis i protest against goverment

  38. AbdUllah Khan

    AbdUllah Khan

    Ham already gande biharis se tng hain bloody kallu u want to make mqm more strong 😑

  39. Naveed Junejo

    Naveed Junejo

    A lot of them are Pakis just with the Bengali accent, only if the new ones stop lying that they ar…

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