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  1. UZz Aair

    UZz Aair

    DG ISPR in ko marwa k chorega 😂😂

  2. Ch Wakar Ishtiaq

    Ch Wakar Ishtiaq

    Wasn’t expecting such statement,,,and from DG ISPR ? No way,,,

  3. Aurangzeb Khan Achakzai

    Aurangzeb Khan Achakzai

    First secure your citizens. You cannot become Good country by only conducting Matches.

  4. Muhammad Umair Raja

    Muhammad Umair Raja

    Last person to trust in Pakistan. He will get them killed and start another operation in Fata to get the money Trump is holding back.

  5. Zia Ur Rehman

    Zia Ur Rehman

    Yah our Army is ready for every danger to be faced. long live pak Army. love u DG

  6. DrTariq Shah

    DrTariq Shah

    There is a stadium in FATA?? Are we still talking about cricket stadium??

  7. Zehsan Haider

    Zehsan Haider

    I would love to see that. However FATA people need to annex to KPK and their rights as per Pakistan’s constitution, which should be expedited instead of cricket matches.

  8. Jabbar Afridi

    Jabbar Afridi

    Q sarilanka walo per bi attacked pata my howa ta na ayee haye afsoos ap logo ki soch laikin kab tak yahi hoga.her ches ka limit hota hain bai dosro k bary my bi sochna chahiy sirf pata opretion k lai nahi blast bom ky lai nahi 70 sal hogiya pata my kisi urdu tek bol nahi sakta jo Pakistan ka qomi zuban hain

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