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  1. Nadia Noye Wilson

    Nadia Noye Wilson

    Hey Pakistan, your neighbour might not like that

  2. Farrago of Cowfefe

    Farrago of Cowfefe

    Soon they will hoist Chinese flag in Islamabad

  3. Saif Khan Baber

    Saif Khan Baber

    Hahah absolutely but we have no problem!

  4. Masrur Khan

    Masrur Khan

    Fake ID the jealous hindkus😂

  5. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    With in ten year,
    Pakistanis are fighting for another independence from Pakistan, because there will be whole Chinese flags replace Pakistani flags.
    And there will be new organization born which called “Pakistani mujahedeen”
    & there slogans will be
    “Go China go back”
    “Inqlab zindabaad”

  6. Abdul Khaliq Kamboh

    Abdul Khaliq Kamboh

    Long live Pak china dosti 🇵🇰❤️💚🇨🇳✌️

  7. Bhavesh Radidya

    Bhavesh Radidya

    Inch by inch Pakistan is coming to its end

  8. Hanan Muzaffar Rather

    Hanan Muzaffar Rather

    Tahay dil say aaap ka suwaaghat

  9. Muhammad Asif Khan Khattak

    Muhammad Asif Khan Khattak

    China ne gand band kar di Lundia ki . . 400 soldier’s ne surrender kr dia. . 15 ya 20 soilder reh gye 1 see 2 din me wo b surrender kr dy gy. . . Title

  10. Mustafa Marwat

    Mustafa Marwat

    Long live Pak-China friendship

  11. Adnan Khan Khan

    Adnan Khan Khan

    Use coconut oil on your ass. I won’t disturb you again

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