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  1. Adnan Khan Khan

    Adnan Khan Khan

    Lol talking about medical

  2. Shams uz zaman

    Shams uz zaman

    And they still plan to develop more nuclear weapons & missiles besides purchasing billions $ worth of military equipment!

  3. Aadil Yashraaz

    Aadil Yashraaz

    thats why your people beg India for proper treatment 😸😹😸😹😸

  4. Afsar Ali

    Afsar Ali

    Aadil Yashraaz still u talking about cure in Rapistan endia disgusting nation don’t have shame…. RIP Endian Gov’t Third class hospitals

  5. Afsar Ali

    Afsar Ali

    RIP Endian Gov’t Hospitals

  6. Asad Sharif

    Asad Sharif

    Same like Pakistani hospitals

  7. Nio Ewapp

    Nio Ewapp

    I request Pakistan to please supply some oxygen to lundia …feel sympathy with these poor people,lol😂😂😂😀😀😀😀😀

  8. Nitin Thakran

    Nitin Thakran

    Pakistani nationals comes to India for medical treatment ?
    Why they didn’t tried any hospitals in China ?
    Answer this intellectual Pakistani.

  9. Nitin Thakran

    Nitin Thakran

    Aadil Yashraaz that’s the problem with every Pakistani when they don’t have answers, they starts abusing.
    Pakistani are the victims of distorted history.

  10. Javaid Ahmad

    Javaid Ahmad

    According to Dr Sweta Singh (Aaj Tak), Cow is an Animal which Breath Oxygen and release Oxygen, In U.P More than 30 Kids have died in last few days because of lack of Oxygen in Hospital, so U.P government should keep cows in every hospital so that the released oxygen can be utilized.

  11. Yasir Basharat

    Yasir Basharat

    Rip little angels… 😢

  12. Shah Rafiq

    Shah Rafiq

    Modi’s digital india

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