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  1. Hamza Ijaz

    Hamza Ijaz

    ? �

    ❤ p ψ ţ һ o ň s ? β ο τ τ ε r ♥

    ♪—-» GULL-WEB.TK «—-♪

    ♡o. Cɾεαtεɾ ? faɩsaɭ ŋaɖҽҽm <3 wanted kashan .o♡

  2. Waqas Haider

    Waqas Haider

    As if fb is gonna give them this information lol

  3. Babu Dawood

    Babu Dawood

    Good work is appreciated always

  4. Taha Imran

    Taha Imran

    Make these scum bags example in the world hang them in public

  5. Sheila Zulfiqar Ahmed

    Sheila Zulfiqar Ahmed

    There should be a academic dialogue between the West and Muslims /Pakistan on the issue to end misunderstandings about the issue of Blasphemy.There is plenty of good , tolerant people on both sides ( those who believe in absolute freedom of expression and those who do not ) and these good and tolerant people from either side can together defeat the minority of negative people who a are trying to divide people into “us” and “them” to make people keep fighting each others to help hatemongers and arms sellers .Secondly read this lopsided article and see how the issue of blasphemy is not being seen as one between Muslims and followers of other religions but one between Islam (Religion ) and Atheism …

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