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  1. Jagdish Singh Rautela

    Jagdish Singh Rautela

    Dear porkistani it’s time to change Ur FB profile from porkistan to China occupied porkistan

  2. Jawaria Khaliq

    Jawaria Khaliq

    Wow to hide their faces now they will reveal the fake faces of everyone

  3. Jawaria Khaliq

    Jawaria Khaliq

    🙂 pehle ap bolna Sikh lo baad ki batein baad mein

  4. Shahid Arshad

    Shahid Arshad

    You Boarist…why are barking at every one surrounding you…Who has put your tail under his feet…just enjoy cow dung …cow moot and free world larget open toilet from kalkutta to Mumbai and new Delhi and keep in mind you are porkeaters and boarest who have a habit to bark at others…because so many piggy stuff filled in your mind and in your houses and surroundings so you see nothing but the aatma of your nirgbashi mata pita. don’t bark at others your boarist randian..

  5. Jagdish Singh Rautela

    Jagdish Singh Rautela

    Shahid Arshad yes we are prok eater for us u porkistanis r prok our army tastes it every by their guns….u bakrichod basterds go n eat camel dung ….n about toilet we have created it in 1947 named it as porkistan ….. porkistanis are borned with label of terrorist

  6. Zeeshan Abdullah

    Zeeshan Abdullah

    It will be interesting to see how ppp and its leadership will react when their politicians will be held accountable.

  7. Hassaan Memon

    Hassaan Memon

    Ohh we didnot knew that…..shemale donkey leader

  8. Bizi


    @AnjumKiani Dunno why but he reminds me of ranbeer kapoor of movie rajneeti

  9. Qaisar Waqar

    Qaisar Waqar

    Dear Indiots.. change your name from Hindustan to Urinistan..

  10. Jagdish Singh Rautela

    Jagdish Singh Rautela

    Dear camel piss drinker n barkichod go n suck Chinese dick

  11. Zeeshan Abdullah

    Zeeshan Abdullah

    A laugh to see how endians roam around on pakistani pages and expose why we are a more superior civilization than their sub human ganga jamni civilization.
    Lack of culture, values, sense, decency and intelligence.
    Instead of focusing on his own socially failed state this guy is letting his frustration out here, while China has already declared supermacy in Doklam haha
    Likewise they will loose Kashmir, Khalistan, Nagaland, Tamil nadu and more..
    Maoists already control fourty percent of endia.

  12. Mahmood Rajah

    Mahmood Rajah

    Look pot calling the kettle black wow

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