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  1. Abdul Khaliq Kamboh

    Abdul Khaliq Kamboh

    Astagfirullah joth ke be hud hy yaar kia road ke uper jo awam khari hy woh sub beggars hain ?

  2. Imtiyaz Bhat

    Imtiyaz Bhat

    Now no one can accuse him of not doing any good to Pakistani people 😊😊

  3. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar


    Kya din aa gaye hai pakis ke,
    Jo beggars facebook, WhatsApp use Karna nahi jante. Woh lekin reality jante hai pakis ki.

    Masha Allah

  4. Usman Farooq

    Usman Farooq

    Biggest begger was hamid meer

  5. Asadullah Shah

    Asadullah Shah

    Pakistani prime minister #Nawaz was sent to home on corruption charges by supreme court. Indian crime minister #Modi steals taxes and only says to others to pay #GST. This is the reason I’m proud to be a Pakistani citizen. #Pakistan_Zindabad

  6. Imtiyaz Bhat

    Imtiyaz Bhat

    Asad…just chill…I m from Kashmir 😊😊

  7. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Bhai cpec game changer hai.
    Come to the fact & its introduce by nawaz.

  8. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Pakistani ki aukat wohi hai, Jo apni barbadi pe jashn manane wali koum hai : Hasan nissar.

  9. محمد مظفر

    محمد مظفر

    This dog has habit of barking

  10. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    You are real kashmiri then told me are you going to India or with Pakistan ?

  11. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Real debate with truth & logic.
    If you ready then like my message to get a notification

  12. Pradip Choubey

    Pradip Choubey

    When whole aawam is beggar why to point out a handful of beggars ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Pradip Choubey

    Pradip Choubey

    Dinkar Harmalkar 😂😂😂

  14. Asif Mohammad

    Asif Mohammad

    Ye joke nahi reality ha bro

  15. Kashif Javed

    Kashif Javed

    Thats a lot of beggars

  16. Munir Ahmad

    Munir Ahmad

    This is not a good journalism. Let’s talk of issues, not persons.

  17. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard

    Which mmeans miney was given to all of Pakistan to attend

  18. Siraj


    Finally they get to meet their sardar..

  19. Usman Mairaj Gujjar

    Usman Mairaj Gujjar

    Waleed Hashmi ya b jhotha ha 😂

  20. Waleed Hashmi

    Waleed Hashmi

    hakoomat ki calls nai aa rhi cables operators ko. Un se e puchain btaen apko k kon kr rha hai unko calls

  21. Yaxeen ALi

    Yaxeen ALi

    Waris Rasheed Amjad Umrani 😂😂😂

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