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  1. Jagdish Singh Rautela

    Jagdish Singh Rautela

    Hahaha how will Ur country will prosper if Ur ideaols are terrorist

  2. Bill Cartor Mayank

    Bill Cartor Mayank

    Ek train to badha pakistan me
    I saw people push the train to re start that
    Its really fun for them

  3. Kiran Kumar

    Kiran Kumar

    For Pakistan burha wani is hero but for India Abdul Kalam is hero, that’s the difference…one worship terrorist and other scientist..

  4. DrBurhan Ahmad

    DrBurhan Ahmad

    For India modi murderer is a hero

  5. Kiran Kumar

    Kiran Kumar

    Arey chutiya DrBurhan Ahmad can’t u read my comment? for India Abdul Kalam is hero… every street in India has his photo..

  6. Afnan Malik

    Afnan Malik

    India ki pas apna hai kya Patanjali

  7. Jawaria Khaliq

    Jawaria Khaliq

    Kiran kumar we respect our every hero … We respect Mehmood gaznwi also …. Im sure you know about him very well !!

  8. SyEd AsLam GeeLani

    SyEd AsLam GeeLani

    who was baghat singh ? He was hero for India but terrorist for British ….. Use ur brain n understand it #kumar

  9. Kiran Kumar

    Kiran Kumar

    SyEd AsLam GeeLani, Bhagat Singh was freedom fighter for India, pakistan, Kashmir and Bangladesh but u won’t accept him as freedom fighter because he is from Sikh community though he born in Pakistan..

  10. Rehan Khan

    Rehan Khan

    if bagat sing is terrorist then burhan wani is also .if he was the hero freedom fighter then burhan was the bagat sing of kashmir ismple

  11. DrBurhan Ahmad

    DrBurhan Ahmad

    Kiran Kumar…..Bhagat singh was a freedom fighter for kashmir 😂😂? ??

  12. Manav Bhardwaj

    Manav Bhardwaj

    isiliye aaj bhi backward hn..

  13. Taha Mughal

    Taha Mughal

    Your Endia has achieved prosperity by electing Narendra Modi Prime Minister the convicted mass murderer terrorist of 3000 innocent Gujarati Muslims.

  14. Kiran Kumar

    Kiran Kumar

    DrBurhan Ahmad, Google and check for British india map which includes Kashmir also..

  15. Manav Bhardwaj

    Manav Bhardwaj

    Inke heroes ko dekho to lag jata h kya future hoga inka

  16. Taha Mughal

    Taha Mughal

    Your comments are senseless 😂

  17. Manav Bhardwaj

    Manav Bhardwaj

    Try to go to school…do you know what is a school like?

  18. Manav Bhardwaj

    Manav Bhardwaj

    Aaj bhi Bollywood ka film masala dekhte hn.aur wo hi soch h..

  19. Manav Bhardwaj

    Manav Bhardwaj

    aesa lgta h koi Bollywood ki masala movie ka scene h…

  20. Vikash Joshi

    Vikash Joshi…wtf…

  21. Jawaria Khaliq

    Jawaria Khaliq

    Hahaha kiran agr nakshe k mutabik taqseem ho jaye na to tmhari sansein h khatam ho jayen lol

  22. Kiran Kumar

    Kiran Kumar

    DrBurhan Ahmad,did u check British india map?Hindu king ruled for more than 50 years before Independence but u never objected ,only when Jinnah induced communal feeling u guys got changed..

  23. Jawaria Khaliq

    Jawaria Khaliq

    Kiran kumar you have to check it clearly …. The muslims was also living there ….!!

  24. Jawaria Khaliq

    Jawaria Khaliq

    And our muslim kings rules more than 1000 years

  25. Kiran Kumar

    Kiran Kumar

    Jawaria Khaliq,it’s muslim league who asked for separate country not Hindus…yes because of muslim rulers u guys got converted to Muslims else we all might have lived happily..

  26. Wasim Raza

    Wasim Raza

    jinnah was coward pork Eater divided Muslims in 3 countries .. but also thanks to him that civil war never happened

  27. Kiran Kumar

    Kiran Kumar

    Wasim Raza,it’s funny that Jinnah was not able to convince his alone daughter to take to Pakistan but responsible for millions of people migrate on both sides… because of him Kashmir is burning else we all might have lived happily as one country..

  28. Lone Emraan

    Lone Emraan

    Pakistan zindabad i am kashmiri love uh Pakistani bros love uh oll we hate indian dogs…

  29. Rafat Ayun Ayun

    Rafat Ayun Ayun

    What about godse n baghat singh n company???

  30. Rafat Ayun Ayun

    Rafat Ayun Ayun

    My question to sangi chamars

  31. Jawaria Khaliq

    Jawaria Khaliq

    Wasim raza thanks to Jinnah he is our hero … We can never be live as one country … It is understood !!

  32. Muhammad Bilal

    Muhammad Bilal

    There is another difference one drinks pure water and u drinks urine of animals 😂😇😤😰😱😵😈

  33. Mohsin Kamran

    Mohsin Kamran

    one day it will reach delhi and we will take back our Laal qila which was build by our ancestors

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