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  1. XhaNawaz Jhony

    XhaNawaz Jhony


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  2. Haris Ali

    Haris Ali

    Koi new game chal re hen mil kr

  3. Ayesha Riaz Chaudhry

    Ayesha Riaz Chaudhry

    Good slap on ur face INDIA ???

  4. Adnan Khan Khan

    Adnan Khan Khan

    And when will it happen?

  5. Sami Ullah Durrani

    Sami Ullah Durrani

    Thanks but it is too late. India has created non state actors to keep your sacred soil volatile for her nefarious designs.

  6. Usman Umer

    Usman Umer

    Indians have invested more than Pakistanis, so I am not sure they would do anything against Indians

  7. Jazib Saddozai

    Jazib Saddozai

    There is a conspiracy behind that statement because we know very well that these afghans have no honor…

  8. Prem


    India will never do it, they have got better business to do. More bothered on people’s development and peaceful living.

  9. Muhammad Ehtisham

    Muhammad Ehtisham

    why 37 consulta of india in afghn

  10. Inzy Rao

    Inzy Rao

    They already did b.c…

  11. Abdul Majeed Mohamed

    Abdul Majeed Mohamed

    lol mother of all bomb kam kar gaya lagta hai, they know agr pakistani soldier ko agr kuch hota hai to nato our american forces ko masla ho ga

  12. Caashef Naim

    Caashef Naim

    Afghanistan, “loyality for sell
    The bidder who bids highest gets it”

  13. Qirat Abbasi

    Qirat Abbasi

    We Pakistani Love All Muslims in World.
    But whatever you give us, you ll get same back too.
    If you have love & sincerity to give, we have a heart to give more then that to pay back.

  14. Agha Azhar Ali

    Agha Azhar Ali

    This is convincing evidence that XiJinping has got Trump to scuttle Modi prxy war on cpec

  15. Anum Riasat

    Anum Riasat

    Ye hen e namak haram.jb America se setting hoti ha phr bhagty pakistan pas.apny baap india pas q ni jaaty

  16. Ahmad Shakeel

    Ahmad Shakeel

    Abhi ti ik MOAS aya tha

  17. Aurangzeb Msd

    Aurangzeb Msd

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    king ? bot ? team


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  18. AziZ MaliK

    AziZ MaliK


    jub Rs jaan ka boot chaly ga tu zaman jaly ga persnol site k liye contect Rs jaan

  19. XhaNawaz Jhony

    XhaNawaz Jhony

    ? Bot User ? XhaNawaz Jhony ?


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    Rizwan Khan Dhandlah

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  21. Asif Ali

    Asif Ali

    Wahhhh Narrr bacheya…

  22. Sana Moeen

    Sana Moeen

    Seriously????Come on…

  23. Hamza Khan

    Hamza Khan

    Hahaha… That’s a funny statement

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