Imran Khan reacts over Senator Nehal Hashmi remarks

Imran Khan reacts over Senator Nehal Hashmi remarks

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that the Joint Investigation Team is probing into the Panama case and it is for the first time that the premier’s family has been questioned regards to a matter. 

"Prime minister’s sons consider themselves as princes," Imran Khan said.

PTI Chairman professed that the present situations are ideal as no one in future would dare to indulge in corruption.

He was of the opinion that whosever came to power in the past had been involved in looting the country.

Imran Khan expressed allegorically that more wickets are ready to fall soon as another wicket will also fall next week and still more to come in the coming days.

PTI Chairman also took to twitter to express his concerns over Nehal’s spewing venom against joint investigation team (JIT) and Supreme Court judges.

"This PMLN culture of buy or intimidate continues today & Nehal Hashmi reflecting this in his condemnable threats," Imran Khan tweeted.