Iran lashes out at Saudi Arabia over impeding war comments


*Tehran – In reaction to the Saudi crown prince's remarks, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said Mohammed bin Salman does not know anything about war, nor has he studied history.*

Young prince either knows nothing about war or has not studied history and unfortunately he has not communicated with a wise person,' Bahram Qasemi said.

Mohammad bin Salman had earlier said that Saudi Arabia will enter into a war with Iran in the next 10-15 years.

He urged experienced and wise Saudis to remind the crown prince of how a person (Saddam Hussein) who staked a claim to the leadership of the Arab world, and called himself the 'Hero of Al-Qādisiyyah' and was supported by East, West and Arabs was brought to his knees in the face of the Iranian people's will.

The spokesman advised Muhammad bin Salman to take lesson from a poem by the prominent Iranian poet Sa'di which literally means an ant seeking confrontation with an eagle, gets nothing but its own destructon.

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