Why Imran Khan's historic win in Pakistan is being celebrated in India?

Why Imran Khan's historic win in Pakistan is being celebrated in India?

ISLAMABAD - Imran Khan’s historic win in the recent general elections has spread a strong wave of happiness not only in Pakistan, but in India as well, especially due to his cricketing background.

Khan has won myriads of hearts in Pakistan with his impressive speech and instilled hope among many people worldwide. Indians have also started celebrating Khan’s success after he announced ‘mending sour relationships’ with India.

A famous dairy brand in India ‘Amul’ celebrated his victory and congratulated the Pakistani leader, who has emerged as a beacon of hope for Pakistanis. The dairy brand honored Khan through their ad. The Amul ad made a slogan ‘PakisKhan’ and praised Imran as ‘True all rounder.’ They also called him the hero of both Pakistani cricket and politics.

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Moreover, another picture also surfaced on social media in which a banner was posted outside an Indian restaurant right after Khan gave his historic speech to the whole world. The banner stated, ‘Well bowled Imran now bat for peace with India.’

Despite all the criticism Indian media made about Khan before and after elections, the Indian public seems extremely ecstatic with Khan becoming the next prime minister of Pakistan.

According to *Tribune India*, People in Jalandhar and Patna have also celebrated Khan’s triumph and called him ‘Punjab da puttar’ (Punjab’s son) and a great cricketer turned politician. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also congratulated Imran Khan and has hoped that democracy will take deeper routes in Pakistan.

The PTI chief announced that he will take oath as the next prime minister of Pakistan on August 11.