Received 'torrent of abuse' for interviewing Reham, says CNN presenter

Received 'torrent of abuse' for interviewing Reham, says CNN presenter

ISLAMABAD: After conducting an interview with Reham Khan , British journalist Hannah Vaughan Jones revealed how she became target of extreme abuse by Imran Khan’s supporters.

Would-be premier Imran Khan’s former wife Reham Khan having all eyes on her subsequent to the release of her contentious autobiography, she has also become the target of many users online thrashing her for hurling dirt Khan’s way.

The abuse, however, has now reached foreign presenters like Jones who has complained of receiving “torrents of abuse.”

The CNN presenter took to Twitter to share: “Received torrent of abuse for iv w/ @RehamKhan1 @CNNi. For the record, she was invited as she has unique insight into #ImranKhan & is engaged/articulate about #Pakistan. Shame on those who would silence free speech w/hatred & disgusting language.”

The anchor was repeatedly questioned why she chose Reham to speak of Imran’s electoral success and not the PTI chief’s first wife Jemima, who still has good terms with her ex-husband.

There were however, several Pakistani social media users who stepped forward to show support for Jones while criticizing the intolerance seeped into the Pakistani society.