64,000 Pakistanis availed tax amnesty scheme

64,000 Pakistanis availed tax amnesty scheme

ISLAMABAD - 64,000 individuals have so far availed these schemes, paying Rs107 billion in taxes on the value of assets that the people declared under offshore and domestic amnesty schemes.

The board urged people to take maximum benefit of the window of opportunity before the final date.

Roughly, Rs25 billion are expected to be deposited this month, bringing total tax contributions to Rs122 billion, according to FBR officials.

The last date for declaring hidden assets under the tax amnesty scheme is July 31 and there is no possibility of any further extension, a brief statement by the FBR quoted its chairperson Rukhsana Yasmeen as saying.

She emphasised that this was the last opportunity and people should declare their hidden assets over the next 24 hours.

PTI’s government-in-waiting is against such tax amnesty schemes and has been opposing it since the previous PML-N government launched it in April this year.

There is no change in PTI’s stance in this regard, said Asad Umar, PTI’s nominee for the post of finance minister.

In April this year, prime minister-in-waiting Imran Khan had termed the amnesty scheme a “brazen attempt by [then-]prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to save criminals”. He had termed the scheme ‘a slap on the face of honest taxpayers’.

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