Ex PM Nawaz Sharif post disqualification strategy unveiled

Ex PM Nawaz Sharif post disqualification strategy unveiled

Ex Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in consultation with the senior party leadership has chalked out the post disqualification strategy.

Ex PM Nawaz Sharif along with other senior party leaders would go back to his hometown Lahore either by GT Road or by train to tell the masses the counter-narrative of the party on his ‘disqualification.’

In the post-disqualification scenario now the main task before the party’s leadership is to give the counter-narrative and keep the voters intact with the party by projecting the point that Nawaz Sharif was not disqualified on charges of corruption but the court had taken ‘flimsy’ grounds to oust him from premiership.

The senior party leaders had already started dubbing the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif as a conspiracy of those who did not want to see to prosper. 

They further highlighted that the case against Nawaz Sharif was not that of corruption of public money but was entangled in some missing links in the family businesses.