US Military made New Records of dropping number of bombs on Afghanistan in 2019

US Military made New Records of dropping number of bombs on Afghanistan in 2019

ISLAMABAD - According to figures released by US central command, US warplanes dropped a record number of bombs on Afghanistan in 2019.

A total of 7,423 bombs and other munitions were dropped last year which shows a near eightfold increase from 2015.

Washington says the air raids target positions held by militant who still control large swathes of territory.

But data released by the UN indicates that the US was responsible for half the 1,149 civilian deaths attributed to pro-government forces in Afghanistan over the first three-quarters of 2019.

Locals say the real civilian death toll is much higher. Experts believe US’s intensified air campaign has failed to destroy the operational capacity of militants who have stepped up their attacks.

Many in Afghanistan believe ordinary citizens bear the brunt of US air raids in the country. They say the security situation is getting worse despite 19 years of US military presence which shows that Washington can never bring security and political stability to the conflict-shattered country.

Military experts also believe there will be no success for the US unless it drops its double standards in fighting terrorism.

Militant groups have vowed to continue their fighting amid the sharp rise in US air raids. On Monday, a US military aircraft crashed in a region in Ghazni province which is largely controlled by the Taliban. The militant group claimed responsibility for the downing of the plane, but a spokesperson for US forces claimed that there was "no indication" the plane was downed by enemy fire.

Apart from many ifs and buts regarding the reality of the recent plane crash that belonged to the US air force and its casualties, a number of 2,400 US forces have been killed since the start of America's longest war in 2001. As official figures show, 2019 was the deadliest year for US troops in Afghanistan in five years, Press TV has reported.