Apple iPhone 13 models interesting feature leaked

Apple iPhone 13 models interesting feature leaked

Apple iPhone 13 has already created hype in people. iPhone 13 models set to launch next year (presumably the Pro models) will use OLED displays with low-power LTPO technology, paving the way for a 120Hz refresh rate.

As per reports, Samsung and LG will remain Apple’s primary suppliers of OLED displays, which are expected to be used across the entire iPhone 13 lineup, with Chinese manufacturer BOE also aiming to win some orders. The displays are said to be “more technologically sophisticated” to manufacture compared to those used in iPhone 12 models.

LTPO technology would result in a more power-efficient backplane, which is responsible for turning individual pixels on and off on the display.

In turn, this could allow for a 120Hz refresh rate for more fluid scrolling and smoother motion without causing too much of a hit on battery life. Similar to recent Apple Watch models, LTPO could also enable iPhone 13 models to have an always-on display, and contribute to longer battery life.