Earthquake jolts parts of Pakistan

Earthquake jolts parts of Pakistan

QUETTA – An earthquake of 4.7 Richter magnitude hit Kalat and other flood-affected regions of Balochistan on Wednesday, Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said.

Reports in local media said the Kalat and neighboring areas felt the tremors, at 5:37 pm, however, there were no casualties reported so far.

National Seismic Monitoring Centre reveals that the earthquake struck 15 kilometers southeast of Kalat at a depth of 34km. It had a longitude of 66.71 East and a latitude of 28.92 North.

The sparsely populated southwestern region is already suffering from severe floods caused by torrential rains.

The record monsoon has left a third of the country submerged while thousands of roads, houses, electric towers, and bridges have been completely damaged.