Are Pakistan-US in contact with backdoor channels as claimed by US

Are Pakistan-US in contact with backdoor channels as claimed by US

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has denied the claims made by the US authorities over back door channels and contacts with Pakistan over the issue of the US President threats.

Senior officials here have rubbished the remarks by US Commander in Afghanistan General John W Nicholson that the issue of alleged Pakistan-based militant sanctuaries is “being addressed in private between the US government and the Pakistani government”.

Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Tuesday  speaking at an event here stated  that there were no contacts between the two governments at the moment. Echoing these views, an official when questioned as to where and at what level the issue of ‘sanctuaries’ are being addressed responded, “Absolutely not. There are no conversations private or otherwise going on between Washington and Islamabad”.

He pointed how the government had reacted to the policy speech of President Donald Trump through the recent cabinet meeting, the meeting of the National Security Council and sentiments coming from the floor of Senate.

General Nicholson had made these remarks while giving an interview to the Tolo News in Kabul, in which he had also remarked that the Afghan Taliban are being provided sanctuaries in different cities inside Pakistan.

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