Afghan police Chief hits out at Pakistan - Russia for arming Taliban

Afghan police Chief hits out at Pakistan - Russia for arming Taliban

Kandahar Police Chief Gen. Abdul Raziq has called for a nationwide campaign against the Taliban who he believes are the puppets of other countries.

Talking to TOLOnews, Raziq said that there should be a difference between those who are educated at schools or madrasas, religious schools, and the Taliban group which “kill the people and destroy public infrastructures”.

“They are terrorists,” he said, referring to the Taliban.

“These terrorists are the slaves of Pakistan; they are also the slaves to Russians and Iran, the slave of China and other countries. They are only the killers of the people of Afghanistan . We cannot give them the name of Taliban ( which means learners) on them (Taliban group),” the police chief said. “Again, I repeat that they (Taliban) are the killers of Afghans and they are terrorists; therefore, all Afghans should fight a Jihad (holy war) against the Taliban.”

Raziq said Taliban is trying to tarnish the image of Islam by attacking mosques, schools and other public places.

“Where Islam orders to kill children? But the Taliban are doing this. Who allows them to come to mosques and carry out explosions? But they conduct explosions at mosques, at schools, at cemeteries and at shrines. Even copies of the Holy Quran were burnt by them. These acts have nothing to do with Islam. These acts are conducted to tarnish the image of Islam,” he said.

According to him, the Taliban is not fighting for Islam and instead pursue their political objectives.

“What kind of service is this? Mullah Omar’s son asks Russia for ammunitions to kill the Afghans. Does Islam allows this,” he asked.

“(Taliban’s leader Mullah) Hebatullah also gets weapons from Russia and Iran to kill his own people; therefore, we need to declare Jihad against them and it is our obligation,” he added.

On the rift in the political front and government, Gen. Abdul Raziq said government is in a critical situation, adding that the heads of the administration should fix their issues and stabilize Afghanistan .

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