Peshawar becomes member of UK based Strong Cities' Network

Peshawar becomes member of UK based Strong Cities' Network

PESHAWAR: (APP) Peshawar City has become the member of UK based global network of municipal leaders, local government practitioners and local communities in building community resilience and social cohesion to counter violent extremism, "Strong Cities' Network (SCN)".

SCN has also invited Mayor Peshawar Asim Khan to join Refugees and IDPs related working group; the document received from the SCN official here said.

The representative of City District Government Peshawar (CDGP) had confirmed that Muhammad Asim Khan was highly committed to strengthen the global relations with different networks and alliances.

He had also reaffirmed that several other networks were also approached by the district government and they had shown greatest interest in inviting the city to join different networks. According to the official of CDGP, Mayor was committed to highlight Peshawar's image globally as a peaceful and serene city.

He said as part of the ongoing efforts of Nazim CDGP, the city government was proactively approaching the International networks and alliances of Local Governments.

He said the official of SCN applauded efforts and political will of Muhammad Asim Khan in taking the step to join the network and informing them the array of challenges and backgrounds of his work for Peshawar.

The official of CDGP said there are three working groups where policy makers and practitioners together strategize plans to counter violent extremism.