National Health Vision 2016-2025 endorsed

National Health Vision 2016-2025 endorsed

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Minister for National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination, Saira Afzal Tarar on Tuesday said all the provinces and federating areas have endorsed the National Health Vision 2016-2025 document and pledged to work together for better health coverage.

Addressing a joint press conference alongwith Health ministers of four provinces, the minister said the document will be placed before Council of Common Interests (CCI) for final approval.

She added that National Health Vision 2016-2025 is a key to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

She said a detailed National Consultative meeting on National Health Vision held here to discuss all aspects to provide best medical services to the people of the country.

She said the provincial ministers of health, secretaries, concerned federal ministries, provincial and regional health department, donors and UN agencies, academia, medical associations, private sector and CSO participated in the meeting.

She said National Vision of Health is in line with Pakistan's Vision 2025 within the framework of post 18th Amendment Constitutional roles and responsibilities to improve health and quality of life of all Pakistanis, particularly women and children, through access to essential health services.

Saira Tarar said the federal government fully understands that health is a provincial subject and that provinces have varied needs and expectations regarding health.

It is in this spirit of collaborative action to achieve common goals that the federal ministry will support and facilitate the provinces in implementation of their strategies by providing relevant resources to ensure that UHC is a reality for all the citizens.

She said this is a guiding vision document which furnishes a roadmap to improve the health of all Pakistanis, through universal access to quality essential health services, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups, and delivered through resilient and responsive health systems.

It has in consonance with provincial and federal health policy frameworks, post devolution health sector strategies, and with international health treaties, commitments and regulations to which Pakistan is a signatory, she added.

She said it is a unified vision to improve health of people across the provinces, yet ensuring provincial autonomy and diversity.

She said the vision document will help building coherence between federal and provincial efforts in consolidating the progress, learning from experiences and moving towards the universal health coverage.