CPEC: KP government proposes 7 mega projects for inclusion in multi billion dollars project

CPEC: KP government proposes 7 mega projects for inclusion in multi billion dollars project

PESHAWAR - The Khyber Pakthunkhwa Government has completed 255 mini macro hydro-power projects and work on 67 others were in full swing in 12 northern districts of the province to provide inexpensive electricity to people as per vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The KP government has also proposed seven mega projects for inclusion in CPEC include Mujigram-Shghor 64MW, Istaru Booni 72MA, Turen More Kari 350MW, Jamshill Turen More 260MW, Ghrait-Swir Lasht 277MW, Torcamp-Guddubar 409MW, Kari-Mushkur 446MW and power evacuation from Chitral to Chakdar through a transmission line that after completion would help arrest energy and water problems.

The Government has signed MoU with Chinese companies for construction of these seven gigantic hydropower projects of 1978 MW proposed under CPEC in Chitral, officials in KP energy department told APP.

Till August 2018, the official said KP government with help of NGOs has completed 255 out of 356 mini macro hydropower projects (MMHPPs) in 12 northern districts of the province whereas work on 67 others were in full swing.

As per contract of 356 MMHPPs, the feasibility studies of 333 have been approved by the competent forum out of which 255MMHPPs with 13445 kilowatts power generation capacity has been completed.

Out of 255 MMHPPs, 15 were completed in Abbottabad, 51 Batagram, 44 Chitral, 40 Swat, 28 Kohistan, 21 Shangla, 37 Upper Dir, four Lower Dir, 13 Buner and one each in Torghar and Manshera districts.

As many as seven MMHPPs are being constructed in Batagram, 11 in Chitral, five in Swat, seven in Kohistan, three Shangla, 12 Upper Dir, five Buner, two Lower Dir and nine in Manshera with help of NGOs.

The official said litigants and shifting of heavy machinery to mountainous areas besides others factors contributed to delay in construction of remaining MMHPPs.

“The electricity transmission from most of these MMHPPs had already been started to communities living near it with a significant positive socio-economic changes are being witnessed in their lifestyle,” the official said.

The KP government is taking a lead role by capitalizing on an excellent work made by previous PTI government to complete ongoing dams and hydropower projects on different rivers and tributaries on war footing basis to provide affordable energy and clean drinking water under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision to all.

KP government accelerated work on five ongoing small medium and big hydropower projects (HPP) with overall 215.8megawatt (MW) capacity costing Rs64980.1million, which would be completed by May 2019, officials in KP Energy Department told APP.

These projects include 10.8MW Jabori Manshera HPP costing Rs3798.26million with completion of 70pc work whereas on Karora HPP in Shangla with 11.2MW capacity costing Rs4620.06 million, 65pc work was completed.

At least 30pc work on Koto HPP Dir Lower with 40.8MW costing Rs14252.84 million, 25pc work on 84MW Matiltan HPP Swat worth Rs20722.94 million and 30pc work on 69MW Lawi HPP costing Rs21586m were completed by previous PTI government.

“We have offered seven sites of 668MW to private sector for investment and response of investors are highly encouraging,” the official said, adding Sharmai HPP with 150MW capacity, has been awarded to a company while six others projects namely Nardam Dam in Manshera 188MW, Shigokach HPP in Lower Dir 102MW, Arkari Gol HPP CHitral 99MW, Batakundi HPP in Manshera 96MW and Nandihar HPP Batagram would be awarded soon.

These gigantic projects would be completed with USD 1435 million, which would provide inexpensive electricity and uninterrupted water supply to people and agriculture besides giving enormous boost to business, industrial and infant industries.

Three mega hydropower power projects of 506MW capacity including Shushgai-Zhendoli 144MW, Shogo-Sin 132MW and Laspur Marigram 230MA in Chitral have been awarded to FWO to ensure its speedy construction.

The official said negotiations were underway with Asian Development Bank (ADB) for construction of Balakot Manshera project of 300MW capacity.

CWDP has approved concept papers of Barikot Patrak HPP in Lower Dir with 47MW capacity, Patrak Shangrail HPP Lower Dir with 22 MW and Gabral Kalam Swat 110 MW for which negotiations was held with World Bank for its construction.

Under development of mini-macro hydropower sites initiative , the Energy Department has identified 160 hydropower sites on canals costing Rs3301mln and 512 hydropower sites on rivers and tributaries costing Rs8495.41mln to fully tap KP’s hydel generation and water potential.

The official said consultants were hired for these mega projects after it was approved by PDWP on November 11, 2017.To save energy, KP Govt has started focus on solarization of schools and basic health units and decided to solarize 8000 schools including 30pc girls schools and 187BHUs with an estimated cost of Rs4347m for which services of consultant was hired.

The KP government has also decided to solarize 100 villages in southern and central districts of the province and under this mega project, 2900 solar system has been provided to people of these districts.

“We have started implementation on this key project costing Rs300mln under which each household will get 30watts solar panel, three LED lights, one each ceiling and pedestal fan, one mobile phone charging slot and two batteries,” the official elaborated.

The KP Govt has completed survey and hiring of consultant to solarize 4440 mosques in the province besides solarization of remaining blocks of Civil Secretariat and Chief Minister Secretariat, Peshawar. - APP