Indian attempt to move Russia away from Pakistan miserably fails

Indian attempt to move Russia away from Pakistan miserably fails

ISLAMABAD - Russian President Vladimir Putin’s special representative on Afghanistan visited India this week for a series of meetings with Indian officials on restoring peace in the war-ravaged country.

Putin’s envoy has three decades of experience about the region and played a key role in shaping Russia’s policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He is known for his open position about US troops leaving Afghanistan at the earliest, which doesn’t really gel well with New Delhi’s views from the security standpoint.

Indian officials said the visit was part of continuing consultations on Afghanistan on topics ranging from terrorism, the Islamic State terrorist group and the future of the peace process.

The Islamic State is expanding its footprints in the volatile country, a development that deeply worries Russia.

For New Delhi, the visit came in the context of two developments — the Russians taking a position that the Taliban cannot be defeated with military offensives and Moscow’s growing closeness with Pakistan.

Indian officials said there are common grounds between India and Russia when it comes to peace talks with the Taliban.

“All countries the region agrees that Taliban has to give up violence and peace should be an Afghan-led, Afghan-driven process. 

The biggest concern for India is arch-rivals Pakistan influencing the Afghan peace process to push its interests.

However India has been unable to convince Russia for more Indian role in Afghanistan and for reducing the close collaboration between Russia and Pakistan.

Russia continue to oppose the US Afghanistan policy and the hard stance against Pakistan and will work with Pakistan and China both in finding a solution to end the war in Afghanistan.

Previously India had also raised objections over the joint Pakistan Russia military exercises in Pakistan.

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