Indian government new drama over Occupied Kashmir miserably failed

Indian government new drama over Occupied Kashmir miserably failed

NEW DELHI - Indian government has miserably failed to depict normalcy in occupied Kashmir on the occasion of the two-day visit by EU lawmakers to the Kashmir valley.

The visiting team found cities in Kashmir valley deserted and the government did not allow anybody from political parties and trade unions to meet them.

The Kashmiri members of Indian parliament had sought an appointment with the team, but they were denied the meeting.

The editors of local newspapers and correspondents of media channels were not invited to press conference addressed by the visiting MEPs.

Only selected unknown journalists were allowed to attend the press conference, while very limited questions were entertained. Nobody knew who were responsible for the conduct of the visit.

The EU team arrived in Srinagar yesterday under tight security. Hermann Tertsch, a member of the visiting team, had said that they were kept away from anyone from general masses.

Nicolaus Fest, another team member, said when the government was letting the EU delegation to visit the Valley then it should also allow opposition leaders to visit the territory.