Former PM Nawaz Sharif latest medical reports revealed

Former PM Nawaz Sharif latest medical reports revealed

LAHORE – Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif latest medical reports have been revealed.

Platelets count of former premier Nawaz Sharif has reached 39,000 and doctors said no more sufferings for Nawaz Sharif due to low platelets.

Nawaz Sharif is currently being treated in Services Hospital Lahore under a medical board formed by Punjab government.

Sources said Medical board opines that it would be dangerous for health of Nawaz Sharif if more medicine given to raise platelets. Medical board has stopped IVI injection therapy of Nawaz Sharif saying he can live with 30,000 platelets.

Sources further said that there are less chances of bleeding now but Nawaz Sharif is suffering from intense kidney and cardiac problems due to which his health condition is not stable.

Nawaz moved to dental ward of the hospital from VIP block to have his checkup. He was accompanied by head of medical board Dr Ayyaz.

Medical board has barred Nawaz Sharif from shifting to any other hospital saying other doctors would take time to understand his health condition.