DG ISPR leaves Indian Military General Red faced

DG ISPR leaves Indian Military General Red faced

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Military DG ISPR takes a dig at Indian General with evidences of Indian soldiers killings.

DG ISPR tweeted: No @majorgauravarya, killings were on ground like shooting down 2 IAF jets. Here are only few proofs with salute to killed ones as a soldier.

Plz don’t disown their sacrifices. Actually ur COAS is embarrassing Indian nation through repeated false claims. What a cost to become CDS. link

Indian Military former General had tweeted over the DG ISPR claims of killing over 60 soldiers since February 27: Recently @OfficialDGISPR killed 60 “Endian” soldiers on Twitter. He could have easily killed 600 or even 6000 of our soldiers on Twitter but he was kind to us. He spared our poor “Endian” lives. link

We are lucky to have @peaceforchange as DG ISPR. He is Most Gracious, Most Merciful???? link