What is SMOG?

What is SMOG?

ISLAMABAD - Smog is derived from the combination of two words; smoke and fog . Smog is also used to describe the type of fog which has smoke or soot in it which is a yellowish or blackish fog formed mainly by a mixture of pollutants in the atmosphere which consists of fine particles and ground level ozone. ------------------------------

When fuels are burnt, the atmospheric pollutants that form smog are released in the air and sunlight reacts with these fine particles

The main sources of smog are pollutants released directly into the air by gasoline and diesel-run vehicles, industrial plants and activities, and heating due to human activities. ------------------------------

The major causes of smog in Lahore are: burning of fuel, smoke from vehicular emission, industrial plants.

In view of the fact that the air pollution is is type of trans-border pollution, so, cross border (India) crop burning increases and continue unabated even though Pakistan Punjab has controlled its side.