AJK President denounces Indian army chief’s provocative statement

AJK President denounces Indian army chief’s provocative statement

MIRPUR (AJK): AJK President Sardar Masood Khan on Monday strongly condemned Indian army chief, General Bipin Rawat for threatening Pakistan and the people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Describing General Bipin’s remarks that “Indian army is enough to ensure Jammu and Kashmir remains part of India” as self- confession, Sardar Masood Khan said in a statement that without its military might, India cannot hold Kashmir for a single day.

The President AJK said that the people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir are exercising their democratic right to raise their voice for their legitimate rights including their right to self-determination through peaceful means, but India wants to stifle their voices with the military might.

Masood said General Rawat’s statement that Indian army will continue to defend territory of Kashmir and to keep the territory integral part of India, amply reflects New Delhi’s nefarious designs to more tyrannize the people of Occupied Kashmir who are not willing to be part of India. “Indian avowal to keep the people of Jammu under its subjugation against their will bring nothing good except more repression, more killings and more upheaval in the region,” President Masood Khan warned. He said that India must read writing on the wall and vacate the occupied land of Kashmir at the earliest.

Masood Khan said that Indian army chief’s statement is tantamount to declared a full-scale war on civilian population to silence the freedom voices and the demand for birthright to self-determination. “People of Kashmir has neither accepted Indian occupation of their motherland in the past nor they will accept the same in future,” AJK President said.

Describing Indian army as savage, aggressor and unprofessional, Sardar Masood Khan condemned siege and search operations and arbitrary arrests in Kulgam, Shopian and other parts of Southern Occupied Kashmir. He also denounced hitting an elderly mother of slain freedom fighter with pellets in the eyes and said India will be held accountable for committing such inhuman barbarities.