Indian Delhi bound flight diverted over hijacking threat

Indian Delhi bound flight diverted over hijacking threat

NEW DELHI - Delhi-bound Jet Airways flight from Mumbai was diverted to Ahmedabad airport early this morning over alleged security threats onboard, Indian Express has reported.

In a media brief released soon after, the authorities at Ahmedabad airport stated that flight 9W 339 informed ATC Ahmedabad that there was a “communication” about the presence of  “hijackers and explosives on board” and that the “pilot desired” to make a landing there.

The statement further said the Aerodrome Committee assembled at the airport in immediate response to the message. However, after security checks of passengers , aircraft and cargo, the flight was cleared for Delhi.The plane was carrying a total of 122 passengers.

The flight, which had taken off from Mumbai at 2.55 am, landed at Ahmedabad airport around 3.45 am.

The statement added that Ahmedabad city police has taken cognizance of the incident and invetigations were underway.

The Jet Airways also issued a statement on Twitter confirming that a Delhi-bound flight (Boeing 737-900) had to make an emergency landing in Ahmedabad  “due to the direction of an on-board security threat.” The airlines also expressed willingness to extend cooperation to the ongoing investigation in the matter and declined to make any further comment.