China stands with Pakistan in counter terrorism efforts

China stands with Pakistan in counter terrorism efforts

BEIJING: China has put the technical hold on the committee of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on listing of the terrorist organizations and individuals to allow more time for all the relevant parties to deliberate on the matter as it so far has yet to reach a consensus, Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

“As for the listing applications by the relevant countries, there are disagreements. China put the technical hold so as to allow for more time to deliberate on this matter. To our regret, the committee so far has yet to reach consensus,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said during her regular briefing here.

She said that China’s actions are meant to ensure the authority and efficacy of the committee in accordance with the resolutions and rules of procedure.
“It shows our responsibility and we will remain in constant touch and coordination with the relevant parties on the resolution and on the rules of procedure on the committee,” she said while responding to a question about listing applications of relevant countries.

China, she said, will continue to follow the resolutions and rules of procedures of the committee of UNSC on the listing of terrorist organizations or individuals.
Hua Chunying said that the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council have clear stipulations as to the mandate of the 1267 Committee and also clear stipulations when it comes to the listing of relevant organizations and individuals.

“We believe the committee should follow the objectivity, professionalism and fairness and reach decisions by consensus based on solid proofs. As for the listing applications by the relevant countries, there are disagreements,” she added.

When asked why is China putting a technical hold on the resolution and taking side with Pakistan over this issue, she said that China always upholds the principle of objectivity and fairness, adding, “We just raise this matter on merit.”

The spokesperson said that Pakistan is a victim of terrorism and China supports Pakistan in countering terrorism in accordance with its own national conditions.

And on counter terrorism issue, China always advocates greater national cooperation to fight terrorism, she added.

The three months technical hold that China placed on August 22, 2017 on an application to list terrorist organizations and individuals will expire on November 2.

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