4 Pakistani Universities participate in international moot

4 Pakistani Universities participate in international moot

KARACHI: The second international education conference on `The European Model of Quality Doctoral Educationand its Comparative Analysis with Higher Education Commission ofPakistan' concluded at Abu Dhabi on Saturday evening.

In all, delegates from 26 countries read 135 research papersduring this two days long education conference.

From Pakistan four universities including Mohammad AliJinnah University, Karachi, KASBIT, SZABIST and SargodhaUniversity participated in the conference.            From Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi, its Director,QEC and Associate Professor, Dr. Munir Hussain, read his researchpaper who did his Ph. D. in European studies from KarachiUniversity.

The conference's main objective was to contribute infuture-oriented learning in higher education and it will helpstrengthen different teaching and learning approaches reflectedon current educational research.

This conference was the second international  gathering  ofacademics and researchers seeking to showcase of teaching andlearning, digitalization of learning, bridging the gap betweenacademia and the workplace  and many more vibrant and dynamicactivities  and changes in the world of higher education.

The outcome of the conference would be that educators willget an opportunity to understand the current development aimedat renewing education, training system, focus on new structuresand changing patterns of learning.