ISI Chief- Shehbaz Sharif verbal quarrel: Ch. Nisar's clarification

ISI Chief- Shehbaz Sharif verbal quarrel: Ch. Nisar's clarification

ISLAMABAD, Oct 30 (APP): Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Sunday said the 'mischievous mind' behind the anti-national interest fabricated news item published in a national daily would be exposed before the nation.

He said effort was made through the particular news to dent

cordial civil-military ties. There was a consensus on one point that

the person behind the news item published in the daily Dawn would

be taken to task.

Addressing a press conference here, the minister explained the

government's position on the publication of controversial news story

about the national security meeting and said Prime Minister

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif wanted to take the matter to its logical


Being a senior cabinet member, he said, he was tasked by the

Prime Minister to hold an initial inquiry into the matter.

During initial investigations, he said, it was found that

the news was false and leaked without keeping in mind national

interests. He also found a lapse on the part of Pervaiz Rashid as Information Minister, and hence he was asked to step down for

ensuring an independent inquiry, he added.

He said Pervaiz Rashid should have asked the correspondent not

to publish such a news story or he should have asked the editor or

owners of the newspaper not to run the story.

The minister said both the civil and military leadership

had consensus to expose the responsible in the matter before

the nation because it was compromising the national narrative on

non-state actors.

He said there had always been consensus between the civilian

and military leadership to indiscriminately act against the

non-state actors.

Rejecting the information given in the news story, Chaudhry

Nisar said no meeting on the national security had taken place on

the 3rd of this month, which was reported in the newspaper.

He said in a national security meeting on the fourth of this

month, the Foreign Secretary talked about realignment of Pakistan

in the region, and the newspaper's statement quoting him (Foreign

Secretary) as having stated that Pakistan was being isolated

in the world was totally wrong.

The minister termed the event quoted in the story i.e. a

dispute between the Punjab Chief Minister and the Inter-Services

Intelligence chief over action against `non-state actors'

absolutely baseless.

Baseless things were being dramatized in the media, which

was no service to the country, he added.

Nisar said a high-powered committee had been constituted

to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the matter to identity

the responsible and bring forth his designs. More members

would be added in the committee in consultation with the

Prime Minister, he added.