Pakistan Stock Exchange acquires state of the art surveillance and trading system from China

Pakistan Stock Exchange acquires state of the art surveillance and trading system from China

ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) will be acquiring $2.85 million trading and surveillance systems from China's Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) to boost its capabilities.

A contract has been signed between the two parties in this regard. PSX Chairman Sulaiman S Mehdi signed the agreement while the Chinese side was represented by the Chief Executive Officer of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Wang Jianjun.

The PSX chairman said that the trading and surveillance system offered by SZSE is a state-of-the-art, robust system. The additional benefits of the SZSE trading system would be built-in risk management, market access, market data dissemination, market control, real-time trading system, disaster Recovery & System operation, monitoring and management, growth enterprise market (so far known as Small and Medium Enterprise trading), bonds/term finance certificate trading, single stock option trading, index option trading and real time fault-tolerant system.

“Another additional interface is ‘China Connect' which can give PSX access to other exchanges that SZSE is connected to such as Shanghai and Hong Kong. This would open up the Asian market to PSX and Pakistan for business opportunities. Additionally, the improved data quality will compound PSX data vending potential and capability immensely," PSX chairman said.

The surveillance system consists of features i.e. real-time monitoring, ex-post investigation, trade replay, data query and reporting, case management, surveillance task management, security and audit, and job schedule system.

“We have received immense support and applause from the capital market stakeholders, the brokerage industry as well as the listed corporate as they all stand to benefit from the efficient operations, new product possibilities and surveillance capabilities that this system will bring in," he said.