Military Helicopter crashed killing soldiers onboard: Report

Military Helicopter crashed killing soldiers onboard: Report

ISLAMABAD - Saudi Military Apache helicopter crash has been claimed by Yemeni Forces using.

"Yemen's air defenses have managed to down a Saudi Apache helicopter with a surface-to-air missile using new technology which we will unveil in the near future," Brigadier General Yahya Saree announced on Friday, Press TV has reported.

"It was shot down this morning in the Majaza area facing [Saudi Arabia's] Asir while carrying out hostile operations," Saree said.

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The spokesman added that the helicopter had been fully destroyed and that its two Saudi crew members had been killed.

"The Armed Forces will counter all hostile attempts until complete coverage for Yemen's airspace can be provided," he said.

The development comes against the backdrop of a string of major Yemeni military victories in the past months.

Earlier this week, Yemeni forces claimed to have successfully carried out a major drone and ballistic missile attack targeting Mukha port in Yemen’s southern province of Ta'izz.