France and Russia agree to jointly fight against ISIS

ISLAMABAD: French President Francois Hollande visited Russia and met with Russian President in Moscow. Both the leaders vowed to crush the activities of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the meeting. Both leaders also agreed to enhance the cooperation to root out ISIS group activities. As per details, ISIS has claimed the responsibility for deadly attacks in Paris and said in its statement that they will continue their attacks on France. France President has been on a diplomatic visit since Paris attacks. Francois Hollande has met with president Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian PM Matteo to increase the cooperation in tackling ISIS. ISIS has become a big threat for the whole world. We will have to struggle together for the eradication of ISIS. It has become global matter so we will have to take effective steps to defeat the Daesh and their facilitators. Both leaders said. After the meeting, both leaders talked to media and told that we agreed to share intelligence information, intensifying their strikes against ISIS. "We agreed on a very important issue: To strike the terrorists only, Daesh and the jihadi groups only, and not to strike the forces and the groups that are fighting against the terrorists.”