Deputy Head of the mission of the state of Palestine says Pakistan took the strongest position on Palestine cause

Deputy Head of the mission of the state of Palestine says Pakistan took the strongest position on Palestine cause

Deputy Head of Mission of the State of Palestine, Nader K. Alturk has urged the international community to hold Israel accountable for its atrocities against Palestinian people.

In an interview published in a newspaper on Sunday, he said the countries should stop providing weapons to Israel because these are being used against Palestinian children and innocent civilians, which violates international laws and human rights principles.

He said the Palestinian people under occupation have the full right to defend themselves and resist the occupation to protect their freedom.

He said the war crimes practiced by Israel could not be viewed as self-defence. Targeting civilians, killing children and women, destroying homes and other infrastructures, including schools and hospitals, is not consistent with the principle of self-defence. He said we need to keep in mind that the international laws were established to protect the lives of the oppressed and to uphold peace, justice and equality in the world.

The Deputy Head of Mission said we appreciate the strong support by Pakistan and all Islamic and Arab countries for the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights.

He said Pakistan has taken one of the strongest positions in support of the Palestinian people and their just cause.

He said this support increases our strength and determination to continue legitimate struggle to establish an independent Palestinian state. He said once Palestine is free we will pray in Al Aqsa Masjid together.

Responding to a question about the ceasefire, Nader K. Alturk said it has come as a respite but is not a final solution.

He said the final solution will only be achieved by getting justice and dignity for the Palestinian people and holding Israel accountable for its crimes against innocent civilians.

He said establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Al Quds as its capital, the return of the Palestinian refugees to their properties and homes and compensating them for long years of torment according to UN Resolution 194 is the only solution.