NDS General Naeem Baluch Spy Wing busted in Baluchistan

NDS General Naeem Baluch Spy Wing busted in Baluchistan

ISLAMABAD: Afghan Intelligence Agency National Directorate of Security ( NDS ) serving officers Major General Naeem Baloch and Maj General Momin have been found to be master handler behind the agents in Baluchistan to create destabilization in the province.

As per details, six agents of NDS had been arrested by Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI during the operation in Baluchistan few days ago including a serving army lieutenant of NDS.

The arrested accused confessional statements were also aired by Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti during press conference in which they confessed of receiving instruction from two serving officers of NDS as well as a retired officer for sabotaging acts in Baluchistan.

ISI has also caught more agents of General Naeem Baloch’s spy wing conducting operation in Baluchistan while none of them is of officer rank in the fresh arrest by ISI.

It has been revealed by security forces that the arrested NDS agents have used Afghan refugees camps and vicinities to destroy law and order situation of the province.

The arrested NDS agents with the cooperation of RAW operatives had nefarious designs to destroy China Pakistan Economic Corridor and other connected projects. Security agencies revealed.