Civil - Military Balance in Pakistan: Key to prosperity

Civil - Military Balance in Pakistan: Key to prosperity

ISLAMABAD: Chief Minister Punjab along with Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan held an important meeting with COAS General Raheel Sharif in Rawalpindi on Saturday.

Earlier upon the arrival of CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif , over an hour long close door meeting was held with Ch.  Nisar Ali Khan at the Airport VIP Lounge.

Subsequently both met with COAS in the eve.

As per the reports matters related to the national security came under discussion.

COAS expressed the concerns of Armed Forces over the Drone Strike in Baluchistan.

As per the PML-N sources COAS also enquired about the health of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who is expected to undergo an open heart surgery in London on Tuesday.

However was the meeting just restricted to the issue of national security ?

Did the matter related to Panama Leaks also come under the discussion ?

Political Analysts are considering it a confidence building measure of the government with the Pakistan Army.


Government wants to muster support of the Armed Forces in an hour of crisis whereby up till now United Opposition is unanimously asking for the resignation of the PM Nawaz Sharif over the issue of Panama Leaks.


Imran Khan is constantly threatening Government of the on street agitation and sit in but this time in Lahore; Heartland of Pakistani Politics and the home ground of PML-N.


Civil - Military Balance is much desired need of the Country, may it be in shape of official forums of National Security Council, Defence Committee of the Cabinet or otherwise.

The key to prosperity of Pakistan lies in a balance of civil military power equilibrium where if either of the force is denied the required space then the equilibrium is going to be imbalanced and the journey to development of Pakistan is bound to struck.

Pakistan Armed Forces have a constitutional role of safe guarding the frontiers of Pakistan both physically and ideologically and similarly political forces have the constitutional role of good governance and development.

Both in harmony can ensure the state emerging victorious on all fronts.


Dictatorship either in Uniform or in Civies is counter productive to security and prosperity of Pakistan.

The civil-military duo can together steer the country out of all kinds of crisis and ensure stability much desired for guests economic prosperity of Pakistan.


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